Built in 1878, it is one of the historic theaters of Piedmont.

The Municipal Theater stands majestically in Piazza Garibaldi.

This building was also part of the Castle complex and has known different identities.

Originally it served as a military chapel and was called the Church of the Madonna, as inside there was a splendid Madonna. In addition, the city salt deposit was housed in its appurtenances.

After the demolition of the castle, which took place around 1870, it assumed the function of a small theater, very different from what it appears today.

In the 1950s, on the wave of modernity, it was converted into a cinema and subsequently experienced a period of decline during which it housed a red light club. The decline was not only of fame but also structural.

The indispensable restoration was the work of the administration led by Dr. Micco and Avv. Lusona in the mid-70s with the supervision of Eng. Lanfrancone, who with courage and foresight, to the detriment of criticism, understood the importance for Moncalvo of owning a small but functional theater. How not to be grateful to him for this wonderful gift and for the careful choice of furnishings and details.

During the year it hosts the theatrical review of dialect, one of the few still active in the region.

The prose season is also noteworthy, in addition to the numerous musical and dance shows, with prestigious guests.


The rich program of shows for the 2021 theatrical season hosted in Moncalvo is available in the following poster:

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