The Piedmontese mixed fry represents one of the most famous recipes of this region and tells the story of a land where needs have allowed to give life to this tasty and pleasant dish.

The Piedmontese mixed fry, a recipe with many variations
This type of recipe stands out for being particular as there is no single, official version.
On the contrary, however, when we talk about this dish it is necessary to consider how this is available in many variations all different from each other, which are characterized by the presence of the various ingredients.
The Piedmontese mixed fry was originally born as a fish-based dish but, being conceived by the population that belonged to the lower middle class, therefore the working class, to dictate the type of dish were the residual foods present in the fridge.


The main ingredients for creating this recipe are generally what are referred to as scraps. Attention, however: this does not mean that this dish is characterized solely and exclusively by meat that is slowly undergoing a process of decomposition. By waste we mean those parts of food that, in most cases, are not consumed, so the brains, intestines, organs of animals and fat tend to be the components that characterize this kind of dish. It should also be noted that there is also a vegetable-based variant of the Piedmontese mixed fry, so carrots, aubergines and other vegetables can be used for the preparation of this meal. Once again it is important to underline that the variant of this dish is dictated by the various foods that are available in the fridge in a given period.


The secret for an excellent Piedmontese mixed fry is to be found in the preparation of the semolina, which must be cooked with milk so that its flavor can be light and create a contrast with the other ingredients. While the semolina is cooking, it is necessary to prepare the batter for the meat: assuming you are using ingredients such as brains, in a container you need to beat the eggs and add half a glass of sparkling water, so that the batter does not become too thick. The meat, cut into chunks, must first be dipped in the egg and then breaded in flour and breadcrumbs. The secret to good breading is to mix the various ingredients and press the meat until it is completely floured. Subsequently it is necessary to carry out the same operation with the semolina, which must be cut into parts of equal size and breaded. Finally, all the various components that will create this dish must be cooked in a pan with hot oil. It is necessary to specify, even in this circumstance, how important it is to check the cooking and add any sweet ingredients, such as fruit for example, only at the end. Furthermore, the cooking of the various components varies according to the type selected, so it is necessary to pay the utmost attention to this detail as well. So here’s how to prepare Piedmontese mixed fry.