The Monferrato area has always been home to food and wine specialties famous throughout the surrounding area, a source of pride for Piedmontese tourism and pride also in the international context. Among the specialties of the area we cannot avoid mentioning the Asti truffle, especially famous for the prized white variety of Alba, which has made it the subject of numerous gastronomic events.
on 27 and 28 November the Asti Truffle Fair officially begins: from 2021 the mayor Maurizio Rasero had announced the internationalization of the event. A real opportunity for the diffusion of the product in non-Piedmontese territory, but also for the growth of specialized tourism.


The truffle is an underground tuber that nowadays has acquired well-known popularity due to its rare presence in the national territory: truffle hunting is a real challenge for lovers of the sector, who enter the woods in autumn. , with dogs trained to search for their fine sense of smell. The truffle cannot be cultivated, but only found: this is perhaps the reason for the charm of the product, beyond the particular and temperamentally understood flavor. In Piedmont, the variety of white truffle known as the Alba truffle is famous, particularly prized due to its olfactory delicacy and strong taste.