When we talk about the peppers that are eaten in Piedmont, different recipes, numerous dishes and many possibilities immediately come to mind. Because peppers are among the absolute favorite dishes in Piedmont, so much so that there are not many specialties and one of these is the square peppers of Motta di Costigliole. We are talking about a typical dish of the Asti area, which is eaten above all near the Tanaro river and is typical in particular of the town of Motta (a fraction of Costigliole d’Asti). The recipe prepared here is also considered one of the finest ever. Over time, this dish has even become an emblem of the aforementioned city and by visiting this urban center one cannot help but taste this meal.

It has a characteristic quadrangular shape, red or yellow, and it is one of the few plates to have large dimensions. The peppers used have a fairly thick and also very fleshy pulp, with an incredibly intense taste, but at the same time not sweet. It is precisely the flavor that makes the dishes in question so characteristic, as it is a union of sweet and salty. In fact, the peppers used contain sugar, which makes this dish also quite delicious, but still easily perishable. Obviously, for the preparation of this recipe only peppers grown directly in the reference area are used.

The dish is so famous in these areas that even a pepper festival has been organized (held in the last week of July). Not only that: it can be eaten in a wide variety of forms. For example, it is possible to enjoy peppers dipped raw in oil, preserved under a rasp, stuffed with meat, vegetables or a mix and then roasted. You can also sprinkle it with the famous bagna cauda (which is also one of the most famous dishes in the whole area). Among the most particular preparations of the square pepper, the one with the filling with a lot of capers, tuna, anchovies and with the dressing based on mayonnaise and 1 drop of white wine stands out.
The greatest advantage of a dish of this kind is undoubtedly the balance of taste. The square pepper, in fact, is always prepared in such a way as to offer the customer a unique balance of flavors. Obviously, great attention should also always be paid to the accompanying drink: a good red wine, not sparkling and not too sweet, is recommended.