Agnolotti undoubtedly represent one of the best known traditional dishes of the typically Asti cuisine, but they are famous throughout Piedmont. Over time, many agnolotti specialties have been developed, among which a particular place is occupied by those stuffed with Viarigi rabbit meat. The main difference between the different types of agnolotti concerns precisely the filling, but the various types of agnolotti also have some aspects in common and among these it is necessary to remember, for example, the square shape. It is also a popular dish: in the past, leftovers of roasts were used for the filling, first finely shredded and then mixed together and added to cheese, vegetables or other ingredients. So there is no traditional and unique recipe for the filling and in various areas it is preferred to use quite different foods. Of no less importance is the sauce: in the past, agnolotti stuffed with rabbit meat from Viarigi were seasoned with a sauce mainly based on meat, but currently a different sauce is preferred, based on meat sauce or butter and sage. A small note must also be made regarding the rabbit meat: it must be as soft as possible and should not be roasted. Once prepared, it must be mixed with the other ingredients that could be added to the fillings. In any case, the final mixture must be perfectly uniform and without the hard parts (which must be removed from the mixture before adding to the agnolotti).


How to prepare this dish? Nothing difficult. First you need to take a bowl and add the previously sifted flour with 2 eggs and a pinch of salt. The mixture must be mixed (it is advisable to use a K whisk at high speed): the final result must be a soft and homogeneous mixture. Once you finish mixing, you have to transfer everything to a special shelf and form a ball to be covered with a transparent film and put everything in the refrigerator for about an hour. At the same time, the meat must be prepared: the rabbit meat must be cooked in boiling water until the meat becomes soft. At that point the other ingredients are added to the meat: the garlic cloves and the onion, previously minced. While the rabbit meat is being cooked, take a pan and pour the butter into small pieces (softened first): the butter should be melted over very low heat. Subsequently to the same one must add the mixture of garlic and onion (already chopped). The onion and garlic should melt, but not brown. At that point it will also be necessary to add the sprigs of rosemary to everything. Once the rabbit meat is ready, it will need to be cut into pieces and added to the mixture. It should be browned well and then minced (generally it takes a very long time for the meat to be prepared, the exact quantity depends, to a large extent, on the type of rabbit meat). The meat can also be minced together with a cabbage, in order to further increase its flavor. Once this is done, you can take the previously prepared egg pasta out of the refrigerator and start preparing the balls. It should be noted that the pasta sheet must be done in a subtle way (just use a sheeter). Once everything is prepared, a mold is used to give life to the subsequent agnolotti. The final procedure is very similar to that of making ravioli: insert the dough inside the agnolotti and close it by pressing firmly on the sides. In order for the pasta to adhere well to the edges, it is advisable to brush it very little with water. The agnolotti prepared in this way should be boiled for about 2 minutes and served hot at the table. At the same time, you can also prepare a meat-based broth or do without it.